K.Kishmot was born in Tehran somewhere in the late nineteen sixties or early seventies. He is British and Iranian, half and half. For a long time he lived in London. He studied Anthropology and Linguistics at University College London and the History of Ideas at Birkbeck London. He has written a number of screenplays and made short films. He has also written songs. Ghosts Haunt Aftermaths is Kishmot's second novel. It was mostly finished in 2001 and so conveys some of the feel and language of the early months of the twenty-first century. It will be out very soon. Kishmot abandoned his third novel, To Find Love You Must Climb a Thornbush of Roses but around the same time he was creating a children's story which is now complete and out there. Kishmot's first novel Ten Days to Remus was written when he was sixteen and was a work of science-fiction. Kishmot is at work on his fourth novel, about the culture of billionaires and humanity's love-hate relationship with war. Kishmot is again also writing screenplays. He is willing to do radio interviews especially over the Internet.